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Pikes Place Market was probably the thing I was most excited about checking out on my photo tour. The variety of people and the architecture of the market area seemed like an ideal setting to get some great images.  I was not disappointed in my early morning walk…while I didn’t get to see them “throw the fish,” I did get some fun shots of area around the market and, of all things, chilis…

And, of course, no set of photos from Seattle would be complete without at least one reference to the often rainy weather.  I think it will be awhile before I get another trip like this one, but the opportunity was a great reminder to make every day a photo op.

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Space Needle  

As I continued my photo adventure, I arrived at my hotel near the Space Needle well after the sun had set, but the area around the Needle was still alive with tourists and nearby residents.  The black sky was a great backdrop for the stark lines of the Needle.  I toyed a bit with my flash, but was mostly helped by the great nighttime lighting of the urban art.  

Space Needle - Seattle, WA

In the daytime, the Needle had a different feel.  It was a little less space age and little more like a funky decoration in the urban garden that is Seattle. 


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Chuckanut Drive  

With 2 kids and a full time “real” job, the luxury of going somewhere “just” to take pictures is rare.  I recently had one of those rare opportunities on a last minute work trip to the Seattle area. With encouragement from my better half, I took some extra days on either end of the week to see friends and spend some quality time with my camera. 

On the wise advice of friends, I took some extra time driving from Bellingham to Seattle by going the way of Chuckanut Drive, along Samish Bay.  Pulling off at a half a dozen scenic overlooks, I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty and the phenomenal mid autumn weather.  The bright light of the sun certainly offered some challenges, but also created the context for some dramatically different photos of the same tree.  The artsy, almost black and white quality of the first is one of my husband’s favorites.  It’s hard to believe that the second image is the same tree, on the same day, just taken from a different viewpoint. 


As I drove along Chuckanut, I struggled with whether I should hang around until sunset, which was just an hour or so away to get what I was sure would be some great sunset shots.  Practicality took over as I decided to head on so that I could get to Seattle and my hotel room at a reasonable hour.  That decision proved to be worthwhile.  The shot below captures the farmland located just inland from the bay, with Mt. Baker in the distance.   The late afternoon sun really made this shot.  

Urban settings awaited me in Seattle…







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